Crypto Payment

When viewing products the items will only be shown in the default currency which is the USD. If you are planning on using any of the accepted cryptocurrencies which are listed below, you will have to wait until the end of checkout procedure to see the amount that needs to be sent to satisfy any one of the particular coins. 

The screenshot below shows what the final screen looks like prior to committing to a purchase. As you can see, there is an option to cancel prior to finalizing. You can then remove it from your cart and allow the stock to update quicker for anyone else that may be looking to purchase. If you leave it in your cart then it has to remain there until it times out and then is automatically removed from your cart and placed back into inventory. 

At this time we accept the following coins and other payment methods. If you would like to see another coin option for payment then send a request using the "contact" form and we will see about accepting that particular coin as well.

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